Weekend randomness: Saturday

Took a picture of this sponge cupcake randomly... so soft like I took a bite of the cloud or a cotton ball... pleased my mouth ...lol...

It's been a busy weekend and I'm pleased with what I've done outside of my usual weekend activities. Lunch at my favorite tofu house, although it was too late when I noticed they have a new item on their menu. Oh well, there's always a next time!

Shopping for some clothes and finding something cute - I'm sure someone's going to be green with envy if he doesn't discover this before Christmas..lol...

And look at these Halloween goodies from Godiva! They're so adorable- I feel it would be a waste to eat them. :-)

Saturday dinner was as planned- grilled vegetable lasagna!
Remember the veggies I bought from the farmer's market?

I haven't used this stove top grill for the longest. Today, it served my purpose because I have a tray full of vegetables to grill :-)

Red onion slices

White mushrooms

Eggplant slices

Grating mozzarella cheese

Cottage cheese puree

Boiling pasta

Marinara sauce I simmered with chili flakes and a little sugar added to balance the acidity

Assembling the lasagna

Marinara sauce spread at the bottom of the baking dish and atop the pasta

Roasted vegetables assembled

Grated mozzarella and cottage cheese puree spread on top

Baking in the oven at 400 degrees....finally!

Grilled vegetable lasagna is ready!


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