Pepperjack cheese and hotdog on sticks and more

Today, my cousin put me on a guilt trip so I could accompany her shopping. I probably wouldn’t budge but I thought I should go and check what’s new at the mall. It felt weird to set foot there after a long absence and I was thankful that it wasn’t packed with people- that meant we’ll be done sooner. I was so right- we were done in less than two hours and after getting my tote bag from Sanrio- we were at the food court surveying the fast food stalls for something to eat. I cooked some stir-fry noodles before we left and had some so we’re not really hungry.

But whenever I go to the mall, I need my fix of hotdog and pepper jack cheese on sticks and my lemonade. Ah, I love the crunchy cornmeal batter and I love to slather both in mustard and ketchup. And I didn’t know they have funnel cake sticks added to their menu. It comes in two sauces- raspberry and chocolate. I have to taste it! So we shared one order just to taste it and it was pretty good!


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