Lemons and Limes

Two of my favorite citrus fruits and I’m sure yours too. We need them to bake, to cook, for marinades, for drinks and even as cleansing agents- although I am not touching that topic …lol…. I just need to have those two in my kitchen because I know I will need them in almost everything I make. They even make pretty garnish for dishes and pastries. A jar of lemonade or iced tea looks more inviting with slices of lemon or lime and just ask any bartender what they use in most of their concoctions and I'm sure both citrus gems are on the ingredient list.

I just made some cupcakes the other night and initially, I was thinking of key lime cupcakes but I thought, why not combine lime with lemon? So I came up with lemon lime cupcakes with butter cream frosting with lemon and lime zests. They came out good- the cupcakes moist because I used buttermilk and the frosting is a nice balance of sweet, tart and tangy- truly refreshing.


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