Thai lunch and catching up

Lunching out is something me and my friends at work haven’t done in a long time. Blame it on our busy schedules and the individual work load each of us have that we can’t all go out together at the same time- just like today. Only two of us were able to go out for a Thai lunch and to do some catching up.

All I want is a steaming bowl of beef noodles and my friend’s been drooling over thoughts of Padh Thai with huge shrimps, tofu, chicken meat, ground peanuts and I can already imagine how its color will turn from orange to red because she’s going to dump a lot of hot sauce on it….:-)

We were there at exactly 12:00 noon, our orders already called in so we didn’t wait that long to be served. Soon heavenly aromas were wafting from our server’s tray which holds my huge steaming bowl of beef noodles and my friend’s Padh Thai. Ahh…this is life……

Going out for lunch gives us the chance to have a little privacy and talk about “hush-hush” stuff and catch up on the latest about each other’s lives and whatever it is we can’t discuss at length at the break room lol...

Our lunch won’t be complete without our serving of nam kang sai; the Thai version of shaved ice. I guess our server didn’t understand when I told her to add more fruits because they were so scarce or maybe I didn’t make it clear that we’re paying extra for extra fruits lol… Anyway, that was a pretty good lunch for me and my friend; hopefully all of us can make it next time :-)


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