"Bad girls- Friday"

It’s funny how while still in the midst of our lunch yesterday, we were already planning what we’re having for lunch today. I was candid enough to point that out and one of the girls said, “Oh, I love food”! And I said, don’t we all? So the plan involves patty melt with cheese, burgers, huge fries and onion rings as big as bangles. Maybe finish the meal off with some fruit when we come back to earth again...lol...

And here’s what I had- a couple of bangles of onion and fries, lots of pepper chinos and half of my patty melt- it’s grilled burger patty on sourdough bread with cheese. Now the instigator of this evil agenda for us good girls to go bad today told us if she ever mentions onion rings again to kick her ha ha ha ha ha ha…. I think she feels sick after eating all the greasy stuff… So much for being bad!

And look what we got for our little snack! What's left of the fruit arrangement ... :-)


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