A new home for my baby

My baby has a new home!

Don’t you just love it when you get free how-to advice on things you’re clueless about from friends and then they do it for you just the same? Pretty much what happened to my basil which I’ve developed an affinity to. And you can’t blame me. It is the only plant that didn’t die on me and today it is more than a month old under my wing so to speak. Of course I have to share my accomplishment to my friends at work- how it is still alive and with weekly pictures as proof.

Jen being the knowledgeable one about plants told me I should take it out of the planter and transfer it to a bigger one because the roots need room to operate so it could grow beautifully. And I thought watering it once a week as the label says is enough. And to prove my ignorance on plants, I haven’t even taken it out of its plastic so even as my baby is green and pretty, it is not growing to its full potential. That explains too why there are small leaves at the bottom.

They should be as big as the rest of them if the roots are not free-makes sense!
So the story ended with my baby in a new home, courtesy of Jen and she even trimmed the tops which I am scared to do lest I cast a negative vibe to it.

There’s this feeling that I don’t have it in me to grow a plant and messing with it will do more bad than good. But we’ll see what happens. I will try to do it myself if needed and keep my fingers crossed that it will grow even bigger.

Thank you Jen for my baby's new abode and its new look!


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