Buco-Pandan Sticky Rice

Steamed sticky or sweet rice is a favorite in our house and just like the Thais, we love having it with ripe mangoes or simply rolled in grated fresh coconut and brown sugar. My mom loves it as a snack and sometimes as a dessert and since I want to make something special for her on weekends, I cooked some for her yesterday. It was special but easy and quick- considering I used bottled buco-pandan flavoring instead of actual pandan and young coconut. That would be super special if I did ha ha!

Anyway, it started with the sweet rice which I flavored when it started boiling to coat every grain of rice evenly. For the curious and the clueless, here's how I made it:

Buco-Pandan Sticky Rice


3 cups sweet rice
2 cups water
1 McCormick buco-pandan flavoring
brown sugar and ripe mangoes

Place the rice on a non-stick pot
Wash the rice two times then add the water
Cover and cook over medium high heat
Add the flavoring when it starts boiling, stir once and put the lid back
Lower the heat a little and it cook slowly till all the water is absorbed
Serve with brown sugar and mangoes

Then I just scooped some and served it to her with mango and brown sugar. She was happy!


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