Shaved/Shave Ice On a Hot Summer Day


Summer is definitely here and nothing could be more apt than a real nice cold treat like halo halo (translated in English, it means mix mix and I still wonder why the echo word lol... ) the Filipino version of shave ice. It is patbingsu to the Koreans; ice kacang to Malaysians and Singaporeans, Nam Kang Sai to Thais; Bàobīng or Chhoah-peng of Taiwan. Shaved ice is topped with a variety of fruits, beans, milk, yogurt or ice cream toppings. It is served as a dessert or snack and most especially as refreshment on a hot day.

My halo-halo today is a mixture of store-bought and home-made ingredients. It consists of layers of red mung beans,white beans, coconut gel, bananas and sweet potatoes I cooked in brown sugar and maple then topped with tapioca which I cooked with ube flavor, red velvet ice cream, leche flan and evaporated milk. And these are just a few of the toppings which can be used for halo-halo. There's jackfruit, cantaloupe or melon, rice puffs or pinipig, purple yam, garbanzos, young coconut and many more. But give me just a few but good toppings and I'm a happy camper.

I actually planned on making different versions of shaved/shave ice last year but I only made two (halo-halo and patbingsu) so hopefully I'll be more driven and make it a reality this summer. Well it will be a long summer which means more cold treats are coming from my kitchen and I will keep you posted :-)


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