Project: Fresh Pasta

Finally, my pasta machine is out of the box and I'm doing a dry run for my first fresh pasta ever. I am not that confident to use my double-0 flour so I'm making chocolate pasta for starters since it does not require a special kind of flour. I could go bust and my stash remains untouched- at least.

So I was able to attach the pasta maker to the edge of my dirty kitchen table and tinkered on the knob a little so I know now how to adjust the setting. It won't budge in the beginning and I thought there's something wrong with it but I got it later on. The knob needs to be pulled slightly before turning it into the desired setting. It has a 3-fold instruction manual with step by step pictures, a basic recipe and cleaning and maintenance instructions. Cool!

We'll see how the story unfolds in an hour or so... stay tuned!


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