Getting to know Brazo de Mercedes again

I had to dig this blog's archive to check the last time I made this soft meringue log and was surprised. It was so long ago but I'm glad that I haven't forgotten how to make it. It is a very easy dessert to make and it is a good way to get rid of your egg whites as in my case. I have a bowl of egg whites left over from the leche flan we made last night. The traditional leche flan or custard is rich, smooth and velvety and we don't use egg whites with it- at least, that's what/how my mom taught me. I remember back in the day when my mom makes leche flan, I would make chocolate flan using all the whites just so we wouldn't waste anything.

Now I have so much egg white for omelet and angel food cake. It's funny though because I wanted to use them up so I made Brazo but realized as I was whipping them that I need yolks for the filling too. So I ended up cracking another dozen eggs just to get the yolks. Now I'm a dozen whites richer which means maybe more omelet or more angel food cake coming and why not chocolate flan?

My Brazo could have been perfect if not for the parchment paper which stuck to the meringe so it took away the light golden crust outside. I should have sprinkled powdered sugar on top before I flipped and transferred it to the other sheet pan. But it's been forever since I last made it hence the mental lapse there. The meringue part is perfect and the filling is creamy with just the right amount of sweetness. The lemon extract gave a hint of citrus and freshness to balance the richness of the custard.

I must say it's not that hard getting to know Brazo again :-)

Brazo de Mercedes

10 extra large eggs, separated
1/2 tsp cream of tartar
1 tsp pure vanilla extract
3/4 cup granulated sugar
1 can condensed milk
1/2 tsp lemon extract
confectioner's sugar for dusting

1. Combine egg whites and cream of tartar then beat using an electric mixer until soft peaks form.
2. Gradually add granulated sugar while mixing the ingredients. Add vanilla extract and continue beating until shiny and firm but do not overbeat or you will have a grainy finish
3. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F.
4. Line a cookie sheet or large rectangular baking pan with parchment paper and spray with Pam.
5. Using a spatula, spread meringue evenly and bake for 25 minutes or until the top is light golden brown and puffed
6. Make the custard filling while meringue is baking by combining the egg yolks and condensed milk in a non-stick pan. Cook on low heat stirring constantly until it becomes thick. Add the lemon extract and continue stirring until it becomes a smooth paste. Set aside.
7. Remove the meringue from the oven and allow to cool for a few minutes.
8. Sprinkle the confectioners sugar on top of the meringue then place another sheet of parchment paper on the top part followed by a similar sized baking pan or tray so that the meringue is now sandwiched between two baking trays.
9. Flip the meringue and remove the baking tray and the parchment paper (you should now see the opposite side of the baked meringue) then spread the filling.
10. Gently roll then transfer to to a serving plate, dust with more powdered sugar then serve.


  1. Hi Faye...really enjoyed your recipes here and in soompi...give me lots of ideas of what to cook and eat and of course make me hungry with all the wonderful pics

    Regarding Brazo de Mercedes....I want to try this recipe but is it terribly sweet. I'm not keen on desserts that are too sweet

  2. Hello! I'm glad that I give you inspiration and a little enjoyment if only to look at the pictures of my creations.

    Regarding my Brazo, have no fear! The reason why I prefer baking my own stuff is I want control over my ingredients. And like you, I don't like desserts that are too sweet. You can try my recipe and I can guarantee that it is not too sweet. I mean, it's a dessert but it's not something you'll have a little bite and you're done because it is so cloying. Just use extra large eggs, I always do; and another thing- in this particular recipe, it says 3/4 cup caster sugar but it has been habitual for me to decrease the sugar content in my desserts- maybe by two tablespoons in this. If you noticed, there's no sugar in the filling. The sweetness comes from the condensed milk. I would also add 1/4 cup half and half and it's perfect. Just give it a try, and just spit it out if it's too sweet for your taste. That's what I tell my friends when they're about to taste something I made.



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