Summer's here!

I welcome summer with another Brazo de Mercedes but this time, I made it into a rectangular meringue sandwich with custard filling instead of a log. I was thinking it will be easier to slice and more people can partake of tomorrow when I bring it to work. I was almost tempted to use ube flavor for the meringue but I don't think I have enough flavoring- next time for sure.

I baked the meringues one at a time before I assembled them with the custard filling. I was going to trim the edges to have a more even rectangular shape but I found out that I can actually shape the cake better with my hands in a molding fashion; pushing the sides gently. Now I have a smaller but more compact cake which is easier to slice and I didn't waste anything by trimming to make it pretty.

And since it's summer, my mind is full of summer treat ideas- cold treats actually which I'm thinking of turning into baked goodies. If Blue Bunny made red velvet into ice-cream then I'll do something in reverse. Kind of ambitious so I'll keep the talking to a minimum. I have so much unfinished project already and I feel sad when I think about it. It seems like I have so many things to do yet so little time. Books remain untouched; movies yet to be seen; KDramas still unfinished- it’s a long list so I better stop here.

But here’s to a fun-filled summer with lots of food adventures!


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