June-gloom Sunday and herb plant/planter

I went outside and the sun is nowhere to be found. Like a regular June morning in SoCal but I still wonder where the sun is when it's almost 9 am. I'm still undecided whether I should clean my car or take it to the pros. The way it is right now- the exterior part; I will spend most of the day just to make it shiny the way it is when I'm not postponing to give it a bath. I'm not stressing about it. Just saying. But this June gloom thingy is infectious. I feel like camping inside my room again. The early shower didn't even help to energize me. I can't cook right now because there's so much food in the kitchen. I feel guilty about it. There are millions of starving people all over the world. I have to bring some to work tomorrow. Maybe I'll make something out of my egg whites later. That could elicit excitement and un-gloom today.

But look, my organic basil plant is still alive! After more than a month- and I consider that an accomplishment- I mean, for someone without the proverbial green thumb like me. Sad to say I didn't get it from my mom.

I may be silly but I take pictures of this plant every Sunday to see how it's doing. So far, it is green as ever, standing proud and pretty. I may get a bigger one with various herbs. Sounds like I'm pushing my luck but that will be the next project. I am so jealous when my fave chefs pluck a sprig of thyme here and some dill there while cooking. I have to constantly buy the leaves and then they just rot or wilt away when not used after sitting in the fridge.

I will be super happy just having something like this for starters :-)


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