Red Velvet Ice Cream

I've long ago switched allegiance from ice-cream to froyo but I still want to have a taste of anything new in the market. So finally, I was able to get my hand on this new ice-cream flavor of Blue Bunny. I've been seeing the promo on Food Network but never got the chance to check the frozen section whenever I go grocery shopping.

It comes in a nice tub with snaps-tight lid and with a smiling Duff Goldman in front of the tub and on top of the lid.

I opened it and I was welcomed with a nice-but-not-so-deep-red ice cream with a shade of white

and more of the white part as I scooped it

Now I need to taste it

Not bad! I tasted chunks of red velvet cake and vanilla in the white part. If you're a red velvet cake or cupcake lover- you won't be disappointed. Now I wonder how red velvet cheesecake tastes. Who knows, it may be available in the market soon!


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