Perfect texture achieved

Making the perfect mousse should have been entitled "The prelude to a perfect mousse" and this one is the finale. I said I'd make it again to achieve the texture that I want and tweak it some more and I did! What I have here has a richer hazelnut flavor coming from the coffee and a firmer, pudding-like texture. The sweetness comes merely from the Nutella spread. The hint of tang coming from the cream cheese is more pronounced and melds well with the rich and decadent chocolate flavor heightened by the grated dark chocolate. This will taste even better with fresh berries on top.


2 cups heavy cream
¾ cup Nutella spread
1 pkg regular cream cheese (any brand)
1 tbsp instant coffee (I used hazelnut flavored one)
grated dark chocolate
Fresh raspberries (or any berries if available)
fresh mint leaves for garnish


Pour the heavy cream in your mixing bowl and put in the freezer just until the cream is starting to set but not frozen. This helps to achieve the whipped cream texture that you need.
With an electric mixer, whip until shiny and firm. Do not overdo it or it will become grainy. Chill in the refrigerator.
Clean the beaters and in another bowl, beat cream cheese, Nutella spread and instant coffee together until creamy and smooth.
Fold in 1/3 of the whipped cream first then another 1/3 leaving some for topping
Chill for an hour before serving

Serving suggestions:

Top with a dollop of whipped cream, grate dark chocolate and mint leaves
Or some fresh berries on top of the whipped cream


  1. hi faye, do you have a recipe for this? it looks amazing!

  2. Hello! There, I posted the recipe for you and for those who wants to try it. And thanks for the compliment.


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