Another loss but I'm ok.... enough to bake!

Nothing's at stake yet and I kind of predicted it's going to end with another loss. The Warriors always give them grief in the past if only it could translate to something more meaningful like them making it into the finals. But then, they beat the champs so it’s cool. I fled to the kitchen without finishing the game. But it's a bit late to make a cake. I had to bake something really quick and easy so I just spread crescent dough on a parchment-lined baking sheet, brushed it with beaten egg before I slathered cream cheese, Nutella and strawberry preserves, rolled it like a strudel, brushed with the remaining egg wash and into the 350 degree oven to bake.

I wish I had some bananas to add to the filling but the fruit tray is nothing but a deserted area tonight. The strawberry preserve is a last minute idea. It was the fastest 30 minutes because it was golden brown and shiny so soon and I hardly noticed the time. I think I sliced it too soon so the filling is hot and gooey. Nice but there’s something I don’t like in store-bought crescent dough. That will be on another post.


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