One more strudel

I just wanted to bake another one using bananas inspired by the recipe here although I must admit I didn't do a good job at spreading the Nutella over the peanut butter. In fact, I just sort of dumped spoonfuls over the sliced bananas.

Not a lot of pictures either because I had a little accident and cut my left hand thankfully I'm not left-handed)and it was bleeding profusely so I had to just do whatever I can to finish up quickly and at least, it made its way to the oven.

For the finishing touch, I made a simple glaze with a drop of lemon extract. The firm bananas really made the strudel yummy and my mouth happy. No surprise there because bananas and peanut butter are meant for each other. Nutella provided the sweetness as I didn't use any sugar and it just added more flavor enough to make me want to make this again and with better pictures.


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