Black Seafood Paella

This is not the real deal but I just have to satisfy my craving even without the complete ensemble of seafood for this recipe. It seems that making it ala Rao's will not happen soon because I just can't find all the ingredients in one store. And somehow, I feel that I'm going to use up my whole jar of squid ink on other dishes soon (see I already used some for spaghetti and pizza)so before that happens, I have to use it on something even remotely similar to what I have in mind. I just used my frozen seafood mix from Trader Joe's and the garlic crab water which made the paella really tasty. The calasparra rice is just my dream paella rice. It's not mushy and you can see the detail of each grain in its cooked form. I wish I did a better job with the photo. Oh well, maybe it will be better next time. And of course the saffron which is the crowning glory of paella. I could eat this dish everyday. Which made me think, how much more with all my favorite seafood?


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