(Not) A Tale Of Two Persimmons

Someone gave me these heart-shaped persimmons a while back.  These are a different breed and unlike the flat-bottomed and more popular fuyu, they need to be soft and fully ripe to be edible.  So a plan came to mind.  I was going to bake a pound cake with it and some fuyu to make a crostata.  And then my post will be entitled "A Tale of Two Persimmons" ha ha very Shakespearean!  

So I left them in our fruit tray alongside the apples and other fruits to wait for the perfect time. I learned that placing them beside apples and other citrus fruits will hasten the ripening process.  But why does it take forever when waiting for something?  And then to make things worse, after the long wait- someone beat me to the lot and thought the heart-shaped hachiyas are rotting; trashed them like it was a very noble and heroic deed (soggy fruits attract gnats; something's leaking blah blah blah); no use crying over it and so my baking  plan went ppft! 
 And much to my chagrin, I was left with fuyus to make crostatas making my story not a tale of two but one persimmon :-(
I made two from my homemade pie crust which were rolled out first and spread with softened cream cheese and frangipane.
Then I just piled the slices of persimmon in a circular mound and sprinkled with Demerara sugar
Topped with Baby Brie pieces; folded the edges over and sprinkled more sugar after brushing the sides with egg wash.
 Baked in the oven at 350 degreee F for 30 minutes or when it turns golden like this
That was so easy I could have done that with my eyes closed and it's because I've made it so many times with different fruits.  The real fun could have been the hachiya.  How my pound cake could have tasted I wonder!

So much for Shakespearean inspiration ...


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