Christmas Gifts

Better late than never seems to be my favorite cliché nowadays so without further ado - here's my appreciation post for my Santas and all the gifts I received last Christmas :-)
Tea Mug & Tea Storage Tin - This is the first gift I received.  I love that both have lids and in Oriental design.  Thanks Ms JC!

Wood Chopping Board -  I'm so jealous of my favorite chefs' huge wood chopping boards so I searched for something not as grandiose but somewhat close and found this at then told my Santa that this is what I want for Christmas.

Wire Cake Display -another cake pedestal from K which came with Italian spices and a bar of my favorite Cadbury chocolate.

Kitchen towel and pot holder with the cute "Keep Calm and Bake On" white print; all-bamboo chopping board, chef's knife, spices, fig scented candle, apron and mini loaf pan.  I also got a box of Rubbermaid storage containers which is not intended as  a Christmas gift but qualifies as one - Thanks Teresa (even as I already got a box of chocolates).

Anchor Cake Pedestal  which can be inverted and used as a punch or dessert/trifle bowl.  Now I have three cake pedestals and I'm not complaining!

Thank you dear Santas for all the gifts!  I promise to feed you good as always! :-)


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