Homemade butter

I can't believe it's butter!

Yes! After watching Manang's instruction video on making butter through a blender, there's no stopping me till I have a bowl of freshly made butter in front of me.

It is very easy although I was doubtful at first if I was doing the right thing. There was hardly any movement in my regular Oster blender which made me wonder if it's up to the task. Manang has a real nice turbo blender.

My cream didn't go through that liquid state and I just saw the mound of what looked like butter when I removed the lid. In fact, it was visible even from outside. But I didn't want to mess it up by over blending lest it reverts back to its original state. Overdoing things can really mess up things. I remember over whipping my heavy cream intended for frosting and it turned to butter but now that I recall doing that the result then is hard butter. This one is soft and spreadable- the way I like it. So to the wire strainer it went over a bowl of iced water to rinse off.

I did the process three times then I transferred butter to another bowl to knead with my cold hand to squeeze off the excess water.

At last the butter is ready so I transferred it to another bowl to weigh and then I realized I don't have a kitchen scale or I didn't have it ready so I transferred it again to a ramekin bowl since I don't have a butter crock.

It is soft to the touch and it smells so good. So the next step is to try it on toast. I pan toasted an English muffin which I spread generously with my first butter. Delish!

Then I tried it with Texas toasts ----

And with blueberry preserves --- I ate them all .... need I say more?

You can watch Manang's video for the procedures and for the ingredients- all you need is 2 cups of heavy cream and your blender for unsalted butter.


  1. Did yo have fun? And it is sooo good! When I make butter, it usually does not last long. We readily consume it.

  2. You bet! The first batch I made is all gone so I'm making another batch to share with my girlfriends at work tomorrow.


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