Coconut and Pineapple Sherbets

When I was still thinking of getting a new ice cream maker my mind is full of flavor ideas. But it's more for the fun of making it; to be able to create my own version of my flavor choices. Just like coconut pineapple which happens to be my mom's favorite. I often wonder how it's going to taste with real pineapple and young coconut bits. It is going to be over the top I'm sure! But sad to say time is not always on my side. I seem to drift farther away from so many plans that have been in my drawing board for so long. I am not going to go into details because it makes me feel bad. On the bright side though, I found myself on another frozen concoction route- granita to sorbet and now---- sherbet!

Now let me tell you a little something about sherbet. It is also made from fruit puree mixed with simple syrup, whipped with another ingredient which is milk. But it has to be only 2% fat milk at the most. If you insist on using real milk or cream then it is no longer a sherbet but ice cream. Sherbet has the fruity aspect of sorbet and it has almost the mouth feel of ice cream albeit lighter.

I was amused when I searched the net for sherbet recipes. I saw a lot of them without milk and they call it sherbet. That would be sorbet! I believe in doing a recipe the right way and then start playing around it after- whatever works for you but without losing its essence. Needless to say my search didn't yield the results I need. Maybe if I didn't do my little research about how sherbet differs from sorbet. Then I'll just say I didn't know any better.

I have to rely on the description and made my own recipe. Nothing epic about that! It's simply fruit puree mixed with simple syrup and milk, freeze for a couple of hours then to the ice cream maker for churning then freeze again to firm up completely before serving.

Somehow, I found myself doing two separate flavors instead of combining them. I thought I'd just whip them together during the last fifteen minute of churning but didn't. Maybe I will too but I kind of enjoy them separately- for now...
Pineapple Sherbet

1 can sliced pineapple
1/3 cup simple syrup or more according to taste
1/2 cup 2% fat milk
In a blender, pulse together sliced pineapple with 1/3 of juice from the can. Add simple syrup and pulse to combine. I alternated between liquefy and blend to be sure of a creamy consistency. I kept on doing it until it was almost pulp-free. You know it;s there but barely! Now it's time to add the sugar and more simple syrup if needed. I only had canned pineapple so I had to use my pineapple flavoring - just a couple of drops just to wake up the pineapple flavor. Transfer to freezer container and freeze for a couple of hours before transferring to the ice cream maker for the final act which is churning it till it becomes like soft serve ice cream then transfer back to the freezer jar or container to be frozen again to your desired firmness.

Now let's talk coconut.
I don't know what got over me- curiosity probably or sheer stubbornness because instead of adding the coconut when I’m almost done churning, I chose to punish myself and tried to liquefy it in the blender. First, I used my magic bullet which didn’t do the job so back to the blender it went where I alternated on pulse, blend, and grate and liquefy. I added coconut juice and simple syrup and the mixture came out delicious and very coconut-y with a couple of drops of coconut flavoring but pulpy- in a good way though because it is young coconut.

After what seemed like a lifetime with the blender, I stopped. I felt it was an exercise in futility. I will not achieve the smooth and creamy texture I want with a million pulp bits of coconut already in the mix before ice cream maker does its job. I just churned it and froze it like I should and hoped for the best.

Came judgment time when I took a scoop for tasting. It wasn’t that bad! The pulp bits kind of meld with the mix so I came up with a refreshing coconut sherbet with real pulp bits! Besides, I cannot expect the same smoothness from mango puree since I opted to leave the pulp in the mixture. So when I make my gelato for my next project- I know better!
Coconut Sherbet

2 cups shredded young coconut
2 cups coconut juice
1/3 cup simple syrup
2 tsp coconut flavoring
1 cup 2% fat milk


Puree young coconut in a blender. Add coconut juice, simple syrup, milk and coconut flavoring and blend together. Transfer to a freezer jar and freeze for two hours. Transfer to the ice cream maker and whip until it achieves a soft serve ice cream consistency. Transfer back to the freezer jar and into the freezer overnight to freeze completely before serving.
Now that I think about it, the title of the post should be "Coconut and Pineapple Sherbets" ha ha ha.


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