My now-healthy cereal bets

What's your favorite cereal?

On days when I’m going through lazy spells or just plain swamped or tired and cooking is a bit of a problem- I turn to sandwich or cereal. Cereal can be eaten any time of day just like any breakfast item. A friend of mine loves to say, our tummy is not aware what time of day it is; only that it needs sustenance. So I would grab my cereal box, my bowl and milk whenever. I'm sure a lot of people are doing the same thing.

Not all cereals are good for us though and we should always opt for the ones with more fiber and less sugar. Well, it is better to take the healthy cereal path if it's a habit as in my case. Adding fresh fruits should give the sweetness you want and for me, either I use fresh berries or bananas which are never out of season. I have proven that once the banana gets in contact with milk, the chemistry per my taste buds is instantaneous which makes it my favorite cereal add-on and it has lots of health benefits. I can say my days of careless cereal days are over after reading helpful tips for healthy cereal options.

TJ's should pay me for advertising their products :-) but I just happen to love shopping there. Kellogg's is an institution when it comes to cereal and some products remain my faves like Kashi Go Lean but I have to confess, I am really impressed with Trader Joe's cereals. My favorites are Triple Berry O's, Maple and Pecan Clusters and some cereal and granola combinations which are also great with yogurt.


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