Beating the summer heat and more blahs

I'm so glad that we have a little break from the summer heat today. The week had been so hot that it became a habit for me to take a picture of the outside temperature sensor of my car in the afternoon when it's blasting.

But I only have to deal with it for a while- just roll down the windows for about ten minutes then turn on the A/C and it's all good. When it's so hot, I think of a long cold shower, a dip in the pool or just soaking in the tub. I think of all the frozen treats but after having my share of the creamy and fruity goodness from it all, a cold glass of water is still needed to be fully refreshed.

My tumbler and I are so inseparable these days and it is my number one "beat-the- summer heat" way. Half-frozen water with lemon or lime- it's the best thirst quencher!

Incidentally, my tumbler has a new cozy. I mean, it has double cozy now. The original silicone and one knitted by Jen for me. Ain't it cute?

While I welcome summer, it's dragging me away from the kitchen and I always have to take refuge in my room. It spoils my kitchen activity. I have to wait till it cools down but sometimes it gets late in the night like that night I made potato salad. I did pay dearly for that the next day. I was able to keep my eyes open while at work but it's not a nice feeling. I did catch up on sleep that night but I think I have to do better on my kitchen activity schedule. Maybe no late night cooking or baking if I can help it- this summer at least.


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