Lazy Apple Phyllo

I can’t even remember why I bought the phyllo sheets I have in my freezer. By mistake perhaps? I have to start using it though because the box says it freezes good until four weeks. And such perfect timing! My co-worker gave me some weird-shaped apples that I can use for filling or topping- whatever works. I wish it’s not too hot today so I could have done a more inspired job instead of a lazy one. Using phyllo requires quickness because the sheets dry up fast and who moves fast such a humid situation? Anyway- the plan was to have a sort of rectangular apple phyllo pie but my pan was too big for the sheets.

There were no hanging ends to give it a nice look so it ended as a stack of sheets with the apples on top. At least I did a good job on that. I sliced them thinly, squeezed some lemon juice, added sugar and cinnamon and cream cheese and nuked it for six minutes so the apples were somewhat tender before I even spread them on top of the phyllo sheets.

I was able to save some filling for one triangle pouch but regret that I was not quick enough to claim it – it disappeared while it was cooling on the table so there was no chance to take a picture of the exterior part as it is sliced or bitten into.

The open-faced one was sliced like cake squares and was devoured quickly as well. That remained the only consolation for me. And that proves that the filling can make a whole lot of difference.

There are some more sheets left from the box so I could redeem myself on the presentation aspect so until then :-)


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