Where is my musubi maker?

I can't believe my musubi maker is nowhere to be found just when I'm craving so much for Spam musubi. I looked everywhere but in vain. I noticed that things have a way of disappearing just when you need them. But my battle cry whenever faced with such enormous crisis is "I will not be denied"! Heck, I've made musubi using the old reliable empty Spam can so I will have my musubi any way I can.

A favorite food really tastes like heaven most especially when it's been forever since the last encounter. That's how I felt the moment my teeth sunk into the musubi with all the wonderful flavors of the seaweed; the crunchy, sweet and salty and smoky Spam; then the soft rice flavored with mirin, rice wine vinegar and sesame oil. I had another one with pickled ginger and it's even more delicious. They may not be perfectly shaped but the taste is undeniably money!

I know my musubi maker will make its serendipitous comeback in the scene and my musubi will be given the star treatment it deserves.


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