Almost Lacy Omelet

I stumbled on this Singaporean specialty on another blog and I thought how cool! It would be nice to try. But I didn't plan on making it today. And then I saw bell pepper halves in red, green, yellow and orange in the fridge along with the pork swatches from my Okonomiyaki Project. To make the story short, I tried and didn't I almost make it? I mean, it looks close enough to a Singapore lacy omelet if only I didn't add a mound of grated mozza on top of the veggies. Not meaning to be non-conformist; it’s just the natural cheese lover in me which took over. I realized that the cheese will block the holes as soon as I folded the other half of the omelet over but can't undo what's done and that spoiled the lace effect of the omelet.

I promise to do a better job next time!


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