Spam with Bacon Fried Rice

Spam with Bacon is among my new finds when I went grocery shopping last Saturday. There's no better way to put it to a taste test than mixing it with fried rice. My mom loves Hawaiian fried rice or pineapple fried rice. Spam is cubed and browned lightly then chunks of pineapple are added and sort of let the salty and sweet meet each other and hang out for a few minutes before adding the steamed rice. I would add a little Kikkoman just for color and ground pepper.

So I tried it today, and as soon as it started browning, the kitchen suddenly filled with a delicious smoky aroma of bacon. I couldn’t wait to taste it. I let the pineapple brown a little so it has a sort of grilled effect. Ha ha although it’s actually fried.

Oh, smelling nice and inviting.

And then I tasted it and sprinkled chopped green onion. It’s a winner! The Spam is not salty and the smoky flavor is such a pleasant surprise- you know it is Spam but it tastes like bacon. That means I have to go back to the store and get some more.

Mom loved it!


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