Hey did you guys notice?

I changed my background again- from the ice-cream spoon and pink and black motif, I'm back to something-blue which I am more comfortable with. I just get tired of pink easily... don't know why. I'm sticking to the notion that I will get the colors from the pictures of my creations. Oh well, my pictures are not that great because I have the legendary "hit or miss" skill when it comes to photography. I can only promise to post clear pictures for now. Maybe I'll take food photography in the future, who knows?

I see my followers are slowly growing in numbers- thank you! I really feel honored that people are reading my blog. I must say you are a quiet bunch; hardly making any comment except for occasional requests for recipes when I forget to post them.

I shall continue to share my food adventures and thank you for taking this journey to Foodland with me.

But I still want to hear from you :-)


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