Chasing the food trucks

Oh yes, I was on a food truck chase while making chocolate pasta on the side. I'm sure you're familiar with these gourmet food trucks roaming around L.A. and Orange County. I was able to try something else other than White Rabbit (I am still a devotee, honest!) and it is a very welcome experience. Ha ha anything yummy is a welcome experience- really!

There goes the truck that carries seafood sammies and I opted for the Lobster and Crab Grinder. It is ground crab meat and chunks of tender lobster meat on a special dressing nestled on a freshly baked roll with fresh cucumbers and carrots on the side. I would prefer my roll to be a little toasted for a little crunch.

And then this awesome waffle truck!

When we make our waffles on Monday for Marilyn, I will remember this one with fondness and my mind will be filled with delicious memories of thick, crunchy Liege waffle with Nutella and strawberries on top. Yes it is thick (pardon my repetitiveness) but crunchy and delicious. My waffles will look like paper beside it. Now I feel like adding a Liege waffle iron to my wish list. I love Nutella, I love strawberries but Waffles De Liege, you had me at waffle- it is scrumptious even by itself.


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