Sweet Bread Take 2

If there’s one great lesson I learned in making braided challah- it is how to proof my yeast properly to achieve the perfect rise on my dough. Today, I want to rectify something that I did wrong in the past. My sweet bread which I made a while back which didn’t rise nicely although it really tasted good.

I had a nice crust and they were soft inside. My only issue with that was the dough not doubling up in size because I didn’t make use of my yeast the right way. Now I know better. Do not mix all the sugar to the yeast-milk-butter mixture; just a tablespoon and then add the rest when the yeast becomes really foamy after ten minutes. Feeling confident after three days of making challah, I revisited my sweet bread today and doubled the ingredients so I can make a loaf as well. And for shiny and glossy sweet bread, I incorporated the final stroke to my challah to these beauties- melted butter with honey baby…. The best! My sweet bread is rocking!


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