In my room cooling my baking/cooking heels

With the temperature in the 90’s again, who would want to do anything in the kitchen? I did quite a lot of cooking yesterday making lasagna, sweet bread, spicy shrimps and grilled tilapia with lemon and capers sauce.

So I’m just cooling my baking/cooking heels today inside my room watching Sungkyunkwan Scandal and doing mostly computer stuff if I’m not dozing off.

I got a text from Jen telling me about the tickets to a concert we’re planning on watching and her cookies for our Cookies/Cupcakes Everyday Project. She’s bringing lime cookies rolled in powdered sugar on Tuesday which is her turn. Yum … says my foodie sensors! But I’m also excited about Marilyn’s “Not So Red Velvet Cupcakes” for tomorrow. She’s been quiet, probably busy working on it. I texted her and asked if she started on it already. Not yet but soon she said and she knew I was going to check on her ha ha ha.

Anyway, she ended up calling me later on- she was stressing because her recipe calls for oat flour which she didn’t have. I told her to just make her own but she doesn’t have oatmeal as well. Crap! Just use regular apf then I said! And I did my friendly and neighborly duty to check on her ingredients and wished her luck. We’ll see how it turns out tomorrow.


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