Butter Toast+ Dulce de Leche = Yummy!

This is my favorite at the moment. I had grilled cheese sandwich with tomato and roasted red pepper soup the other night and for lack of a dessert, I was suddenly struck by the idea of drizzling the left over butter toasts with dulce de leche and discovered my ultimate dessert of the week.

It was so good yet I wanted to find out how it would taste with Gruyere cheese and I was not disappointed. But even the simple butter toast with the dulce de leche drizzle will surely please your palate. It did mine that I finished it down to the last bite. Honestly, I felt like licking what's left of the dulce de leche on my plate.

I didn't just discover my new dessert, I must say, it's the best thing I ever ate this week. I'll keep you posted on the next one.


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