Brown Sugar & Bananas

Documenting my kitchen activities may have been irregular and erratic but I’ve been busy. I made another condensed milk pound cake and a batch of mini sponge cakes with cheese last Thursday evening. The first is really addictive and the second one- just did it as a favor and saved some for my friends at work. It happens! I would be besieged with requests to make this or that for certain occasions and more often than not- I cannot refuse.

But this weekend is mine. Whatever I make or bake will solely be for my own satisfaction and my main ingredients this time will be brown sugar and burro bananas. I’ve been planning to make a brown sugar pound cake using the brown sugar I bought from TJ’s. I’ve been really curious how it tastes when I use it for baking because my tea does taste good when sweetened with it. Even the way it stays moist in its re-sealable the packaging is so impressive. And I baked one today. I used all purpose flour and maple flavoring instead of vanilla and the result is just as good. The cake is soft inside and it has a sugary outside crust. It has that deep flavor which I cannot describe. I was going to make cream cheese frosting but realized the cake tastes good in its simple form. I will use cake flour next time and see the difference.

A h e m ... but when it comes to Turon, I have my friends' unwavering loyalty. They have elevated my recipe to the top but they also like the fried bananas from our favorite Thai restaurant. They're similar to the Filipino maruya with sesame seeds. I asked the restaurant manager about it but she wouldn’t divulge their secret recipe lest we stop ordering from them. She did tell me some of the ingredients but not all. So over dessert yesterday, I tried to decode the make or ingredients of the banana fritter my co-workers so love. It shouldn’t be too hard to figure out. I am familiar with bananas and so it will be my challenge and I will surely try to unravel the mystery soon.

So I just mixed flour with a little cornstarch (for crunch), sugar, and salt, grated (unsweetened) coconut with a little water to form a thick batter to dip the banana slices before deep frying. I added sesame seeds too and that completes the cast. I have my Thai fried bananas in less than thirty minutes.


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