After the weekend rambling

What a sweet weekend!

My sweet-filled weekend is over. Sweet-filled for all the desserts I made and baked which I haven't done in a long time. I made three dulce de leche desserts plus two batches of dulce de leche itself and a tres leches cake for a party. You have to commend me though coz’ I never tasted any of those stuff that I made. I’m on my second day of cleansing and I don’t want to waste what I have started and succumb to the call of foodie pleasures. I have tasted each one of those before and can very well describe everything from the texture to the flavors and aroma from when I've tasted them last but I have to persevere. And I was strong enough to withstand the gooey dulce de leche as it oozed between slices of the brownies I made and the banoffee which had haunted my mind for two weeks. Even last night when dinner was Korean inspired with ramen and an array of toppings and vegetables I was firm and unshakeable. Yet I swore I’d still cook even as I’m cleansing my body. I am nourishing my soul in effect and I just have to satisfy my urge to cook. Earlier I cooked beef caldereta and egg fried rice for my family for lunch while I had protein shake. And for my final dish today, I made bass fillets with lemon and capers. Oh the advantage of being used to eyeballing most of my ingredients when I'm cooking so I didn't really have to taste them- no chance at all to be sidetracked because they came out okay.


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