As anticipated and looked forward to autumn- I also imagined this- a somewhat cold Sunday morning and a steaming bowl of champurado for breakfast. Filipino champurado is different from the traditional Mexican drink. This one is a very popular breakfast among Filipinos and I actually grew up eating this luscious porridge made from sweet rice and cocoa powder. But I’ve upgraded the recipe with some additions like hazelnut coffee and a stick of butter or margarine. It is served with evaporated milk and fried dried fish or fried beef tapa for the ones with more sophisticated palate. My champurado is chocolaty with just the right amount of sweetness and I don’t cook the rice too much. A little softer than al dente and I would add a little bit more water because the rice continues to cook and absorb moisture after it is out of the stove and just resting aside.

Recipe for my champurado is in an earlier post


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