My Last Meal

I was watching The Best Thing I Ever Ate the other night and it was all about Last Meal- what the celebrity chefs/restaurateurs/cooking show hosts would want to eat for the last time before meeting their Maker. It was so funny and I really like Sunny Anderson in her pink pj’s as she goes to Zum Stammtisch in NY to eat her favorite German dish called Jagerschnitzel and Spaetzle. Why not be as comfy as you can? I would probably do the same. Alex Guarnaschelli will not be outdone and she was hilarious lying down with eyes closed holding two different pastries in each hand. They’re called Lobster Tail & Sfogliatella from Ferrara Bakery also in NY. I seriously want to go to New York next year to do a “restau hopping”. I have to save for that though.

But really, I haven’t thought about my own Last Meal. In fact, I don’t even know or I can’t right now single out the best thing I ever ate. Maybe I should do a Claire Robinson and keep a tickler file of all my favorite food and where I ate them. Like Claire, I will also update it regularly- hey that's the logical thing to do right? But it beats me how one can enjoy a meal knowing it is going to be your last. But then it’s only hypothetical and as my highs school English teacher said- we should be able to talk about death as we do about life and accept it as natural phenomena. We will all come to pass. Am I getting morbid?

Ok, let’s say I am indeed given the privilege to choose what my last meal would be. I think it should be sky’s the limit and make it a whole day affair with my favorite chefs preparing something for me from breakfast to my last meal. Honestly, I have no idea what to ask them so I would love them to surprise and impress me some more with their culinary delights and the final act should be me having coffee and some conversation and a lot of laughs with Anthony Bourdain. Whoa, what a way to say Goodbye World!


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