I dreamt of dessert again!

Chocolate Pistachio Trifle

The first one was the Melon Tres Leches Cake which I haven’t done before. So when I made it, I had to close my eyes and recall how I made it in my dream. Sounds silly huh? But that’s how we try to remember what we dreamt of the night before- especially if it’s a wonderful one. Anyway, I dreamt that we are having guests today and they gave us such short notice- like they’re an hour away from us so I was like stressing out what to do fast and yet yummy. Chocolate Pistachio Torte! It is very easy to make and delicious too. Of course I had to check our pantry for ingredients and I was so relieved to find everything I need. And then I woke up. No one’s coming today but my cousins yet I was suddenly inspired to make what I dreamt about but as a trifle. I will bake my chocolate cake, break them in cubes then layer them with pistachio pudding in my trifle dish. This time I will add cream cheese to the pudding mix for added flavor. It’s going to be delish! And it is. Look- this is all that's left after my cousins feasted on it.

I had to hide it for my friends at work. Anyway, I used my chocolate cake recipe for the cake and here’s the recipe for the filling.

2 pkg Pistachio pudding (3.4 oz each pkg)
2 cups heavy whipping cream
2 cups half and half
1 cup cream cheese, softened

Using an electric mixer, beat cream cheese until fluffy
Add Pistachio pudding, heavy whipping cream and half and half
Beat until creamy. Add more milk if it becomes too thick.

Cut the cake in cubes
Layer the cubes at the bottom of the trifle dish
Spread the pudding mix on top
Add another layer of cake cubes on top
Repeat the process ending with the pudding mix
Grate dark chocolate on top for garnish
Chill for an hour before serving

If you love chocolate and pistachio, you will definitely love it!


  1. what is that!!!!!

  2. Oops.... sorry about that! It is called Chocolate Pistachio Trifle- layers of chocolate cake and pistachio pudding topped with grated dark chocolate.


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