It’s a season for giving

I decided to bake some goodies for friends I don’t see every day and for some special people I have yet to meet as well. I think it’s better than Christmas cards since I am conceited enough to say I may not be a chef but cooks which extends to I can bake some too. So I made Food for the Gods because of its similarity to fruit cake although I love the first a hundred times more.

Then I made Chocolate-Dipped Almond-Anise Biscotti which has become popular among my friends because they’re not hard and they’re flavorful. I use unsalted butter which makes it tooth-friendly; more like crunchy cookies that melt in your mouth.

The last item is Hungarian cookies called Kef lets or date-nut cookies. The dough is made from flour, cottage cheese and butter or margarine then filled with chopped dates and walnuts mixed with brown and white sugar then baked and rolled in powdered sugar while still warm. Jen who introduced these cookies to me said her Christmas is not complete without having kef lets. Maybe it sort of rubbed off on me that I find myself baking some during Yuletide season.

I have some more items coming from the oven but that will be on another post. I’m just happy that I was able to share some goodies this Christmas season although I’ve always shared what I made in the kitchen even on an ordinary day.


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