This blog is turning one year old this month

Yay! Time flies so fast this baby of mine will be a year old on the 30th. Now I start to ponder what I and this blog has accomplished so far if it did any- besides pleasing I, me and myself and my love for writing and my fascination with food and cooking and baking. One of my friends asked me what I’m doing or making in celebration and frankly, I don’t have anything in mind just yet. Should I do a repeat of my first post- do a reenactment of what I made in the kitchen that day? Why not? Or maybe ask you my readers if there’s anything you want me to make or bake, like a request. Just don’t ask me for fancy cake decorations because I have zero knowledge in that. I hope to hear from you guys.

Right now, I have the following requests to fulfill on or before the 30th.
Feel free to post your requests! :-)

1. Cathedral Windows Jell-O
2. Lasagna
3. Lamingtons
4. Timpano


  1. Faye, Congrats on making it here a year. I cannot believe where the time goes. It feels like yesterday I was following you on soompi food thread.

    I don't have any special requests. Everything you make looks delish, so I am sure whatever you plan, it will be fantastic.


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