Spinach Linguini with Grape Tomatoes & Cheese

I got the some sweet little presents on my desk two weeks ago. A bag of fresh grape tomatoes and a commemorative SI issue featuring my Lakers’ Sweet 16th NBA title. It turned out that the magazine was from a co-worker who like me is a huge Lakers fan. The bag of grape tomatoes is from my boss and yesterday, she gave me another bag. I love tomatoes in my salad and sandwiches but not these little ones. Maybe it is the squirting of the juice in my mouth when I bite into it that I don’t like – I don’t know. But I love them with pasta when they are halved and seasoned right. Fresh grape tomatoes are sweet and its flavor just goes well with linguini and other pasta, olive oil, lots of garlic, and cheese. That will be for dinner!
I still have some spinach linguini pasta enough to serve three people so I cooked it al dente while I was making the sauce which is just olive oil with crushed garlic, grape tomatoes and salt and pepper. It is very easy to make as it merely involves some tossing and simmering the garlic and the tomatoes in olive oil till you get that fragrant garlicky aroma and the tomatoes are a little bit wilted. Then add the pasta, toss and then sprinkle grated parmesan cheese and some rough chopped parsley to it and pasta’s ready! You can toss in grilled chicken breast pieces for meat but I prefer it in its meatless form but with the addition of grated smoked Gouda cheese for more flavors.


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