Day 1 after the bust

As expected most of the conversations at work were centered on what happened to me on my way home- me, ranting about it and getting mixed reactions from my friends and co-workers. By lunch time I was able to laugh about it already and somehow came to the conclusion that I didn’t really learn from my first traffic ticket four years ago. Well, that was four years ago so that should amount to something he he he… I mean, it’s been four years since I got a ticket. Still, I should know better and just pull over when I see a cop behind me flashing its light. If it’s not me, then he would just drive past me. But four years ago and yesterday, I didn’t stop right away but I didn’t drive fast like I’m trying to flee. For sure the cop felt disrespected and ignored so there’s no mitigating circumstance so to speak and there- two citations on the spot.

I may have started laughing about it but I’m still not up to making anything fancy so dinner is just some angel hair spaghetti with meatballs. Who knows I may crave for something so bad and enough for me to head to the kitchen to make or bake it?


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