I'm back!

OMG! It’s really funny how it has become like a proverbial expression so let me say it once more...OMG! I am so slacking in my blog-ial or blog-ic duties. The truth is I have started a couple but never finished any. I’ve been on a rollercoaster ride of emotions of late from disappointment, disdain, and sadness to excitement, sheer happiness and relief. Call it balance of nature; the yin and the yang; day and night; a rainbow after the storm- and it came via Priority Mail. First is the letter from L.A. Superior Court which I opened nervously because it will tell me how much I have to pay for my traffic ticket. I was so shocked when I saw it’s not the amount I thought it would be. Apparently, I am paying for one violation only and which I’m going to contest in the court. The second one is a gift from Michelle- two cute lunch boxes from Korea. I can already imagine my friends asking why I have such small lunch boxes. No worries though, I can always pack my “to share” stuff in bigger containers. It would be nice to pack purple rice, fish cakes, jahp chae and my other favorite Korean quick fixes.

These two gifts from the mail surely made up for a hectic and tension-filled week and made the weekend better and hopefully blogging too.


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