Slacking and the kitchen is cold....

It’s still raining in our part of So Cal

It’s our first rainstorm of the year- and first rain in October as I entitled my post yesterday. It would be nice to just curl up in bed, catch up on my reading stuff or maybe watch TV or some DVDs. But a working girl doesn’t have such luxury on a weekday- rain or shine :-)

And I’m slacking in the kitchen! Something rare for me and it only happens when I am sick. But I was really sick during the weekend. Except for the cupcakes psychedelic which I made- the kitchen have been lukewarm bordering on cold.:-)

I called these cupcakes psychedelic although they were meant to be rainbow cupcakes, initially. But my head’s still woozy and just didn’t have the patience to layer my batter in such a way that the colors will turn out like a band of colors as in a rainbow. But they were moist and tasty. I used cake flour, baking soda, baking powder, pure vanilla, canola oil, sugar, buttermilk, eggs, salt, and almond and strawberry extracts.

Today I just made a ham and cheese sandwich for lunch. I whipped a light mayo-honey mustard dressing which I spread on my soft wheat bread then I used the greens from my southwest chicken salad as bedding for the filling…it was yummy!


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