The new apple of my eye

I didn’t realize just how many different variations of apples we have in the market and that there are some I have yet to taste. We went grocery shopping the other night and while at the fruits section looking for Asian pears, my eyes landed on those pretty red apples and the price tag per pound. Hmmm… kind of pricey! Oh, and the name is new to me. My favorite music genre…. Jazz! It can’t be just a new variety – I probably just never noticed because I always go for Fuji apples. So I grabbed a couple to do my taste test at home. I promised myself I am to eat one first before I research about it in the internet so my verdict will not be influenced by what I will find out… lol

I washed one thoroughly and dried it with paper towel. I love eating my apple skin on and I just bite into it if I have my way. I hardly ever slice my apples because I was told it loses some nutrients the moment a knife cuts through it… I have to research on that too….. ha ha ha ha ha…. After all these years… :-)

Anyway, came the first bite – the apple is so crisp and kind of dense but the wonderful flavors of sweetness of apple and something else amazed me. It is just so delicious and juicy. I can’t believe that I was eating it for the first time.

Then I went to my desktop and Googled it. Jazz apples from New Zealand! It was indeed described as being solid and a little difficult to bite into if you don’t have strong teeth. I think that’s exaggerated because it is crisp but not hard to bite into… lol…. But yeah, Fuji apples have a rival in my books now. The only drawback is that Jazz apples are not available all year round unlike Fuji. Still, I will enjoy them while they’re available at the grocery stores.


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