Halloween goodies

It is our tradition to dress up on Halloween at work and like I said in my other post- we can't be just dressing up and not having food to share for lunch. Halloween lunch also coincides with another celebration - a co-worker passing a certain test so food will be in abundance. But I still want to bring something and as promised, I was in the kitchen the other night till the wee hours. I made Penne with Spicy Italian Sausage, Cream, Tomatoes and Peas using Tyler Florence's recipe.

I also baked blueberry coffee cakes- yeah, it's plural coz' I baked two trays :-)

And my new tres leches flavor- Mango Tres Leches With A Twist. I named it as such because I deviated a little from the usual three-milk bath to achieve the mango flavor and for the topping, I used pureed fresh mangoes mixed with half and half, a little french vanilla pudding mix and a little mascarpone cheese. As usual, I kept the cake in the freezer right after pouring the milk bath which is half and half, evaporated milk, mango puree (bottled) and a little whole milk. The milk bath gets the sweetness from condensed milk but I used bottled mango puree instead. I always add a little whole milk- a quarter of a cup just to make sure the cake is really moist and evenly bathed in cream. The result is awesome-


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