My weekend loot

New flavors

I'm not sure I mentioned about that day me and K went a little crazy shopping online for food flavorings. Well these are essential to my baking and dessert making stuff especially now that winter time is about to say adieu. This is also an upgrade to some of the flavorings that I've been using. Not that I am totally abandoning the old ones. But LorAnn Oils has other flavorings and specialty ingredients for cooking and baking. You can also choose between the naturals or the more potent ones. I opted to get some of each and wished I were rich to get everything ha ha ha.

and some more --- I just thought I'd use them on my cupcake tops when I make some :-)

New gadget--- This should inspire me to catch up on my reading stuff. I feel so deprived on that department. It's been a busy life but I have to find time! I've been wanting to have this and finally it's mine! How fitting that the first book I'm reading is "The Hunger Games".

And a special gift from my FG- to keep my everyday purse company <3<3<3. After being robbed of a big chunk of my bag collection, I find myself losing my affection for designer bags. I am actually falling in love with Hello Kitty all over again he he he. I think we all have that little spot for HK in our hearts.


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