Chocolate Covered Bacon

I saw it on the Food Network-Marini's Candies' very famous specialty but Sta. Cruz is far for me to hop in my car and drive to for a sample. I can just try replicating it for now until I get the chance to taste the real deal. Aside from my own curiosity, my best friend Joseph has been begging me for almost a week to make it for him. I was able to pacify him for a bit with my vanilla custard–filled taiyaki but I had to fulfill my promise at some point.

So I used the already fully cooked bacon from Trader Joe’s and semi-sweet chocolate chips. That was the easiest thing to make. All I did was heat the bacon swatches in the pan, drain them in paper towels while I melt the chocolate chips in a double boiler. Then I dipped each bacon piece in the melted chocolate and placed them in a parchment paper lined tray. The final stage is to blast chill them in the freezer just to let the chocolate set- for about 10-15 minutes. That makes it easy to release each piece from the parchment paper. And then it’s tasting time!

If you’re horrified at the thought of combining the two- I suggest you try it first. I have long ago overcome that silly thought that sweet and salty cannot mix because they can. This is not even salty and neither it is too sweet- it’s perfect!

Next stop ... dark chocolate covered turkey bacon!


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