Look what I got!

Seriously, I should devote a tab for weekend shopping/grocery finds. I went to Marshalls looking for something but in vain. But (again!)I didn't go home empty handed. I got myself this set of heart-shaped bake ware- 3 cups; 2 cups and a cup size for $10. Not bad eh? I'm already thinking heart shaped creme brulee, pudding, panna cotta etc... etc...

Mild and smoked hot paprika!

I have to order this type of paprika online but I was surprised to see these and just grabbed all three cans. I use paprika a lot- in my paella, adobo and other meat dishes and many others dishes so this is a great find.

And last but not the least - a jar of hazelnut cream spread from Italy. Don't know if it's as good as Nutella so I will probably use this for baking.


  1. The heart shaped bake ware set is so cute! :D

  2. You bet! I was so happy when I saw the set and at a very reasonable price. :-)


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