Root Beer Float

Is summer back?

It’s been scorching hot since yesterday that cooking was very limited.
I already posted something about autumn and looking forward to it. It seems like summer decided to extend its stay and while it is not a life threatening situation, it is so uncomfortable especially for me who loves cold weather.

We had our Mexican chili lunch last Friday, cooked at work by Jen and my contribution was a tray of corn cake. We were kind of anticipating a chilly or a cooler day at least to make it conducive to eat a bowl of chili soup but it was already hot since Friday. Of course we already know it is going to be a hot weekend which will extend to Monday.

Cooking has been reduced to a minimum except yesterday when I had to make a pasta dish for a birthday party which is already a prior commitment and can’t be postponed and some cupcakes. Who would dare camp in the kitchen in this hot weather? I was literally confined to my bedroom watching Dong Yi.

Today, I’ve been drowning myself in root beer float. It is an old time favorite of mine which is very easy to make. All you need is a frozen mug, A & W root beer and vanilla ice cream. I don’t know how many calories a serving has but who cares? Whatever floats your boat right? And nothing beats root beer float on an extended hot summer Sunday!


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