Bye bye weekend!

Whoa- the weekend flew by so fast as if it never came! I didn’t even get to watch the DVD I got from Netflix. Gosh, it’s almost two weeks since I got it and the envelope remains unopened. I just can’t find time to watch it. I’ve been busy in the kitchen since yesterday and today too. Well, at least I found time to wash my car so it is back to its decent and shiny state. Earlier I baked another angel food cake to test anew how the amount of warm water in the batter would affect the texture of the cake. I told Michelle I will decrease it and keep her posted on the result. So I baked it in ube flavor and I used only a quarter of a cup of warm water and decreased the cream of tartar too. In short, I used my recipe and just adapted the warm water ingredient from Alton Brown. I must say I did notice a difference right when I was whipping the egg whites. The batter seemed more stable and the cake did not change even after it was done. The cake did not pull away from the sides like it did when I made the buco-pandan flavor last week. That one was really soft but there’s something lacking in it which I can’t really explain. Today’s cake is soft and moist like a chiffon cake. I am really proud of its texture. At least I found another technique to make my angel food cake even better.
Lunch was stir-fry vegetable medley with lean pork and some fried pork chops. Dessert is sweet rice cake with custard topping. But I used coconut cream with the egg yolks instead of condensed milk. I actually made it so I can bring some to work tomorrow.
For dinner, I made seafood penne with spinach and grape tomatoes. I just love clams and shrimps cooked in butter and garlic, grape tomatoes and baby spinach. It tastes even better with sun-dried tomatoes soaked in olive oil but I wanted to use the last batch of grape tomatoes from my boss. I didn’t even get to taste the pasta. We have unexpected guests tonight so I just served it to them.I ended up with meatball sandwich which I made using bolillo rolls and meatballs simmered in marinara sauce with ricotta and parmesan cheese. I’ve been having too much pasta anyway. Meatball sandwich is just as good.


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